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Our core business is international commerce of consumer products between Europe, China and Africa  in three main sectors: spare parts, industrial products and food &beverage products. We have at our disposal a worldwide network of suppliers, who usually are producers. Our customers are most frequently importers, distributors and direct large clients.

We match supply and demand requests considering:

1) product technical features

2) quality and quantity

3) market price

3) delivery times


Our growth objectives

  • geographical diversification through the acquisition of new client portfolios in new markets (recent new areas are Northern Africa and Eastern Europe)
  • sale expansion of products and industrial equipment directly to large end-consumers (Industry)
  • sale expansion of mass market food products towards Africa and Made in Italy products towards China/HK

How we move to get our strategy

  • daily sales management through our managers, foreign local agents and our back office
  • commercial synergies with our consolidated foreign network
  • commercial agreements with other trading companies
  • Start up in strategic areas of local companies controlled by us
  • joint ventures with local operators, importers or distributors

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